Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MARSOC 1911s Not All They're Cracked Up To Be?

Say Uncle links to a report that during testing 4 of the Colt MARSOC 1911s had serious cracks develop after 12,000 rounds. It appears, but it is not absolutely clear from the report, that 4 of the 5 pistols live fire tested had such frame cracks.

While this is likely and hopefully just a bad batch and not a design failure of the MARSOC pistol itself, it is interesting and popcorn-worthy to read the reactions to the news:

1911 fans: 1911 is Thor's own hammer. There must be something wrong with the test, its a 19-by-god-11 and it even has 11 in the name so it is awesome to the eleventy power! Anyways Marines won't shoot 12k rounds through it, so its not a real issue and if you dare criticize or point out issues with the pistol then you are criticizing Marines, and deserve to be beaten for your un-American impertinence. Besides, It's a 1911, it's awesome and its only a secondary weapon and 12,000 rounds before a major crack is no big deal. Didn't we already say it's a 1911!

Glock fans: They shoulda bought Glocks.

S&W fans: They shoulda bought M&Ps.

H&K fans: Sollten Sie gekauft haben H&Ks! Dumkopfs!

Look, partisan preferences of your favorite pistol aside, all pistols are mechanical devices created by humans. Therefore there will always be a probability that any pistol may be less than perfect, may break before its expected service life is met, or may be from a bad batch made while the frame maker was getting over a weekend bender.

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