Monday, August 13, 2012

Dive 222 - Late Night At Union Lake

After the match yesterday I got a call from Chad to go diving.

At 9 pm, Keith, Chad and I met up at Union Lake. Chad had brought along his scooter with a Go-Pro miounted video camera and we decided to give it a try. The lake visibility had beene xpected to be lousy and we were not disappointed.

Visibility was about 3 feet and it felt like diving through soup. Most of the time I could only see Chad and Keith by the glow of their lights even when I was but a few feet away from them. Without the lights it was pitch black.

Night time brought out quite a number of very large crayfish and some mud puppies, as well as a few large fish hiding in the weeds along with a lot of small fry so there was quite a lot to see.

We did valve drills and it went pretty well. During my valve drill, when I turned my left post back on, the backup regulator around my neck, tied to that valve started to free-flow a lot. Think lots of bubble and breathing gas draining from the tanks at a pretty good clip. So I shut it down and reopened the valve and it did it again. I then shut it down, purged the regulator, gave it a good whack. I then re-opened the valve for the third time and this time it functioned normally without any free-flow.

After that, we dove around the copy machine boat (so named because, yes, there is indeed a photocopier in the stern). Then we headed back to shore.

A nice dive indeed, with the temperature at 25 feet a comfortable 73 degrees.

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