Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Great USPSA Match

Today I met up with Rob and we headed to the regularly scheduled USPSA match.

Due to the exceptionally large turn out, they quickly threw together another stage so we had seven stages rather than the standard 6 to shoot. While that made for a late start and a long day, it added to the fun quite nicely.

Overall, I had a very good match. This was tempered by the realization that I have a long way to go to improve. While for example my time of 42 seconds on a given stage put me in a respectable place (I think, as the standings aren't out yet), the Master-class shooter on our squad did the same stage in 12 seconds. Even while he was shooting limited and I was shooting production, obviously I have a lot of room to improve and grow.

The Master-class shooter is a good guy and very helpful and free in giving tips and techniques for improvement which is always appreciated.

On the upside, I had just replaced my standard Glock magazine release with the Glock factory extended magazine release. The replacement was very, very easy, taking only about 5 minutes. The factory extended release is only slightly extended from the factory release, but it makes releasing the magazine much easier and more positive, and for $2.69 you can't beat the upgrade, not to mention it keeps it Production classification legal. It worked great and my magazine changes are a lot cleaner as a result.

I did well on the classifier, hitting the A-zone on all 6 targets with turn start, shoot once and a mag change, shoot again in about 14 seconds.

Darn good match as usual, and I can see that I am making some real improvement.

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