Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Unofficial Local Primary Roundup

Pete Hoekstra won the Republican nomination to face off against Debbie "Spenditnow" Stabenow for the US Senate contest.

Gary Peters wins District 14, beating Hansen Clarke and the other challengers. He received a far higher vote total from the Oakland County area of the district than in Wayne County. Hansen Clarke received far more from Wayne than Oakland, and indeed if the other challengers weren't present he might have won. Since I'm doomed to have a Democrat, it might as well be the reasonably honest and effective Peters as the other options were much worse.

Unfortunately, John Conyers won his primary, beating the challengers there.

It looks like the DIA tax passed in all three counties. Now to see if we all got snookered by this tax or not.

In State District 40, Republican Michael McCready beat his competition by a few hundred votes in a very divided and competitive field. Sadly he beat my preference, David Wolkinson by 307 votes.

Oakland County passed the SMART transit millage renewal, and L. Brooks Patterson quite handily beat his challenger to stay County Executive 90% to 10%.

In West Bloomfield, the rather drama-causing Michelle Ureste beat challenger John Warshay by 215 votes (46% to 43%, thanks to the appearance of Robert Egren on the ballot who siphoned off 900 votes). Since there is no Republican challenger in the general election, we're in for more twisty drama with Ureste.

West Bloomfield also passed the Parks and Rec millage renewal and expansion to restore funding to previous levels.

And that's the local primary results.

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