Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Democrats And Electile Dysfunction

I may have to take back my assumption that Democrats aren't as dumb as a bag of rocks.

At the local library, which was also serving as two different polling precincts, I happened to overhear a young man and his lady friend talking while I was browsing the stacks.

The young man couldn't get it as to why he couldn't vote straight ticket Democrat in the primary.

Think about that for a moment -- Straight. Ticket. Democrat. In. The. Primary.

He also complained that it wasn't fair that he couldn't also vote for some Republicans as well, because, after all, they were listed on the same ballot.

His lady friend then struggled to explain why he couldn't and he really wasn't getting it.

With much restraint, I managed to avoid yelling over the shelf "In the youth section there's a Schoolhouse Rock: Election Collection DVD that explains how primaries work - go check it out for crying out loud.

Wow. Now I can see how people like that may be confused if they're asked if they're a US citizen. Then again, I'd be amazed if he can even color in between the lines in the ballot circles.

Oh, and his vote counts as much as yours.

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