Thursday, August 09, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Today, I hit 40. We'll see if 40 hits back.

The birthday started off quite nicely: My kids woke me up and each gave me a sweet hand-written birthday card that they had carefully colored and to which they ah applied many cute stickers.

They then assisted their mother in making me breakfast which was tasty and much appreciated.

I then went to the doctor's office before going to work as I finally got an appointment to get my hand checked after the car accident. The doc is pretty sure I broke a bone in my hand so I'm getting an x-ray tomorrow to find out for sure.

Then, it was off to work and dealing with various meetings, regularities, idiocies, and emergencies of a normal work day.

Now I'm going to head home, relax and celebrate my birthday with the wife and kids and have a nice relaxing evening.

Not a bad start to the 40s.


Borepatch said...

Happy birthday, Aaron!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

Old NFO said...

Hippo birie to you Aaron!!! :-) And yeah, you're on the downhill slide now!

Expatriate Owl said...

I was at two different doctors' offices my last birthday.

But going home and spending it with the wife and kids -- doesn't get any better (unless you can get someone to babysit the kids, if you know what I mean).

Happy Birthday!!

drjim said...

Happy birthday.
OH, to be 40 again......

MSgt B said...

It's all downhill from here, Aaron.

eiaftinfo said...

Happy Birthday! Nothin' but smooth sailing from here on out!

Aaron said...

Many Thanks to all of you for the Birthday Wishes.

The homemade Cherry Cheesecake waiting for me when I got home from work to celebrate my birthday was awesome. I'll have to post the recipe.