Sunday, August 19, 2012

At The Renaissance Fair

Today the weather was perfect for a visit to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. If you're near Michigan and you've never gone, you owe yourself a trip.

So the family, including my niece visiting from Toronto, hopped in the car and headed to Holly, Michigan.

Thankfully, they not only take cash but renaissance plastic:

Much of the fun in going to the Ren Fest is people watching. Lots of people dressed in period (or period as they imagine it was) costume, be they actually workers at the fair or just visiting:

And it wouldn't be the Ren Faire without the jousting:

There was plenty of live entertainment, including the incredible Tartanic:

The also gave perhaps the first ever demonstration of belly dancing to bagpipes:

They put on a great and fun show and have a really awesome sound whether live or on one of their albums.

We wrapped up the day with the kids watching a puppet show that was quite hilarious.

The puppeteer came out early and warmed up the crowd and could really play to the kids:

He then put on a show that had the kids completely immersed and interacting with the puppets. The kids loved it.

Then tired and with the money all spent on turkey legs, cheesecake-on-a-stick and waxed hands for the kids we headed home.

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