Monday, August 08, 2011

Sunday's Glock Match - A Humbling Experience

You're never as good as you think you are, and when you don't listen to your instincts it gets a whole lot worse.

So I went to my first GSSF match ever with Rob on Sunday. We paid our membership and match registration fees and waited for our friend Jon to arrive from Ohio.

My mistake was shooting my MPDC marked Glock 17 rather than my Glock 19. I shoot the 19 better but Rob and Jon were each shooting a 17 and I had heard the 17 was much better suited to the match than the 19 so. . . . I chose wrong and went with the 17.

I did ok but certainly didn't set the word on fire on 5-To-Glock and Glock-M but completely fell apart on the Glock The Plates.

After waiting an hour for my shooting time at the plates (it was massively backed up, the other two events went much quicker), I go to the line and did absolutely lousy.

The same plates that I had shot totally clean and quickly during an IPSC match in June, I couldn't get a decent rhythm at all. I actually left plates standing at the end of two of the eight runs. Embarrassing. Turns out, I was shooting high even though I thought I had decent sight pictures. I halfway wonder if the combo of the Glock 17 combined with the newer shooting glasses gave me some kind of distortion causing me to miss. Probably a combo of the new shooting glasses and using the 17 did it. That, and I was clearly having an off day.

Rob did very well and Jon was just plain awesome, it was only I that was the one holding up the stats from the bottom of the pile that day.

But for all that it was still a fun event and I'm looking forward to shooting another one now having learned from my experience I expect to practice and do better next time. And next time, I'll be doing the shoot with the Glock 19.


Murphy's Law said...

We all have our off days. I had to go all the way to Wilmington, OH for mine not too long ago.

Practice, practice, practice...

Aaron said...

Yep, I'm claiming the GSSF shoot as my off day. I know I can shoot better than that!