Thursday, August 04, 2011

On Escorts, Physics and Anger Management

In a sterling example of what happens when someone has anger management issues and doesn't understand physics we have:

The Detroit Free Press: Police: Driver rams vehicle carrying woman, 7 kids

Police say a Michigan driver repeatedly rammed a vehicle carrying a woman and seven children in what’s being described as a case of road rage.

State police say in a statement the 34-year-old Pinckney woman was driving a Cadillac Escalade on Monday in Livingston County’s Brighton Township, about 35 northwest of Detroit, when a Ford Escort cut off another vehicle and tailgated her vehicle.

Police say the Escort rammed her vehicle three times before the driver got out, beat on a window of her vehicle and tore off a side mirror. Police say the man walked away, leaving the Escort behind. Police found him in nearby woods and arrested him.
The Escort being both smaller, lighter and dare I say far crappier than the Escalade likely suffered more damage from this moron using it to hit the Escalade. (Having been the hapless driver of an Escort myself, the last thing I'd want to hit while driving it would be a bigger, better-put-together vehicle). Deliberately hitting another vehicle, not to mention going up to bang on a window and rip off a side mirror is the very definition of driving felony stupid.

Of course this moron probably wasn't thinking while he was engaging in his bit of road rage stupidity.

Turns out, he's not exactly up for driver of the year based on his record:
Brighton resident Steven John Blaser will be held in the Livingston County Jail on a $100,000 cash bond after the Livingston County Prosecutor's Office authorized charges against the 26-year-old man accused of ramming a vehicle occupied by a woman and her seven children during a road-rage incident Monday.

Blaser this afternoon was arraigned in Brighton's 53rd District Court on five counts of felonious assault and one count each of malicious destruction of property valued at least $1,000 and less than $20,000.

He was also charged with failing to stay at the scene of an accident.

Prosecutors asked for the high bond because of Blaser's "horrible record," which includes eight prior accidents, seven speeding tickets, one failure to stop and identify himself after an accident and one animal abandonment that was adjudicated via the Homes[sic] Youthful Trainee Act. Blaser also has a pending civil infraction of careless driving.

This guy sounds like a real winner. Hopefully he'll see some jail time out of this stupidity and with any luck lose his license as idiots like this shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel.

The road is no place for morons to play bumper cars.

It is only by chance that he chose a victim that was unarmed. She would have had ample justification to defend herself when the guy came up to her door and was beating on her window after hitting her car three times.

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Scott said...

And the moral of the story for the driver of the Escalade is: When you are driving a bigger vehicle than someone who is trying to ram you - don't stop unless you are at a police station!