Monday, August 29, 2011

On Sunday, a Match with a Forest of Steel, followed by listening to a live Barrage

Yesterday I participated in another USPSA match and had a great time.

The first stage I encountered was a veritable forest of steel - 18 plates and 6 Poppers for a total of 24. There were three shooting boxes and you could only hit the white targets from the white box, the orange from the orange which had a barrier between you and the targets forcing you to lean left and right to hit them, and the blue from the blue box, but only by shooting through the hole in the barrel.

A fun stage and unlike the Glock match, I left no plate standing.

Other stages wre also fun and challenging and we ended with an El Presidente drill.

Great fun, but I still had the same problem with the M&P, just less frequently.

After about 60 shots I got a light primer strike along with a click, which sucked.

Taking the gun apart, wiping down the inside of the slide near the striker helped. On putting it back together it would, while dry firing, have the same feel of the striker not hitting, and you could see the slide move rearward rather than remaining locked. I'm not happy about this recurring problem as its a great gun to shoot and fits me well, but if it can't be reliable...

After the match I came home and took the family to see Barrage at Meadowbrook Music Theater.

Barrage is a impressive group of 6 fiddle players, a guitarist, drummer and bassist. Not only do they have a thorough selection of instrumental music they also sing and dance as well.

Their talented range is truly eclectic - from Irish fiddling to blue grass to flamenco to the Beatles, Cold Play and more and they make it all sound awesome.

The kids loved it and now want to take violin lessons (I'll be sending Barrage the bill for it...). Leah is also quite convinced that the violin player that had a flower in her hair likes her and wants to be her friend as she kept smiling at Leah.

The band had a lot of energy and talent to spare and they can make those violins sing. I'm not sure if the match or the concert was louder at times.

Barrage gave it their all and did not one, but two encores after a unanimous standing ovation from the crowd.

If Barrage comes to a town and has a show near you and you like live music played and played well it's quite the show to see and hear.

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