Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dive 185 - New Orange Gloves, and the VIZ was CSS

For Dive 185 I dove Union Lake last night with Keith, Maki, Chad and Brandon.

The water was pleasantly warm - high 60's at around 20 feet and dropping thereafter once the thermocline was crossed with it in the high 50s at 30 feet.

The vizibility however was CSS - Can't See S___!

There was so much particulate, weeds and stuff in the water you could see maybe a foot in front of you at most, which made keeping track of everyone a challenge. For the most part you keep the glow of the other divers light in your vision and make sure you keep up so you can continue to see it, but not so fast that you crash in to anyone before you see their fins looming out of the haze.

Luckily, I was diving using Rob's 21 watt light rather than my own 10 watt canister. This made a huge difference in terms of both being able to see ahead and for other divers to see me.

Boats were again in the water, which is ok, but some idiot boater was apparently following pour flag and dropping things on us. At least his aim was as bad as his judgment as he was consistently missing. First a lighter came floating down to land right in front of me and then a yellow golf ball. Morons, and with bad aim to boot. Ah, why we can't carry limpet mines....

The other new gear I was using were unlined orange vinyl gloves rather than my standard blue "smurf" gloves which have a thick liner. The difference was quite dramatic. I could manipulate bolt catches, switches and valves much, much easier without that thick liner and it was great. I can't believe I haven't done this switch a long time ago.

Of course, in switching over the glove, I must have had a crease in the right one when I put on the inside O-ring as the glove flooded nicely. Putting a new set of gloves on the rings is a process that needs 4 hands, multiple and varied swear words and a ton of effort. At least the water was warm and the inner suit seal kept the leak spreading only slowly up the arm so no big deal.

On searching the net this morning I found a post where a diver has made a tool to make the whole process a lot easier. I now need to make such a tool as doing it by hand really and truly sucked.

Overall, a great dive and some good conversation after the dive was had at a local bar The Library Pub, where drinks and pizza were on special which made it a nice end to a dive indeed. The Library Pub has fresh jalapenos which they put on their pizza and it rocks.

A great dive and my last one at age 38 which was a great way to close out the year as today is my birthday.