Friday, August 26, 2011

The Benefits of a Perry vs Obama Matchup (and for Liberals too!)

It looks like Texas Governor Rick Perry is fast becoming the front-runner in the Republican field to take on Obama in the 2012 electoral contest. Even in the face of those in the Republican establishment who will claim it is Romney's turn to lose dutifully for the Republicans, Perry’s lead is good news.

This is good for Republicans and most likely good for conservatives as he's far less squishy than other candidates. Perry seems to have a good shot at being electable and capable of beating Obama given his pro-growth policies as governor of Texas and because so far he seems good on most conservative issues and comes across as both a sucessful governor and an erudite, likeable and electable candidate.

However, such a candidacy will not just be good for conservatives but also be good for liberals.

First, as we all know, liberals love to recycle.

Because Perry, like former President George W. Bush hails from Texas we'll probably see them re-use and recycle the same old memes they used against Bush previously.

You know the meme that goes:

He (Bush / Perry) is a diabolical Texas-oilman svengali-figure brilliantly planning world domination for big oil corporations and to turn all the little people into peons,and is a dumb as a stump Texan Chimpy-Bush/Perry-McHitler idiot.

Liberals do love to experience cognitive dissonance.

More importantly, such a match-up will also be great for liberals as it will affirm their world view that America is an evil, racist place.

After all, if Perry beats Obama and deprives him of his clearly (to a liberal anyway) entitled second term, it can only be because Americans are racist and they voted against a Black man.

It cannot be because Obama's ideologically-driven, progressive liberal budget-busting policies have sucked and are ruining the country and arerejected by the populace.

Nope, only racism will be able to explain away such a defeat and preserve the liberals dedication to their yet again proven failed policies for another day.

As such a Rick Perry candidacy is a win/win for conservatives, for liberals, and for America.

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