Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting Somewhat Syrious on Syria

When you have to use gunboats to put down your protests, all pretenses that you're a reformer do go out the window.

Syria navy shells port city of Latakia-rights groups

The Syrian navy shelled the main Mediterranean port city of Latakia Sunday, residents said, as President Bashar al-Assad broadened a military offensive to crush street protests against his rule.

Of course the Syrian government hilariously paints this attack as that of aggressively attacking terrorists and as usual in Arab governmental pronouncements, has little to do with reality. The number of leftists and fellow travellers willing to believe these statements are probably still quite high.

At least now, Hillary Clinton on behalf of the Obama administration is getting around to politely asking other nations to stop buying Syrian oil and gas and to stop selling Syria weapons.

Hillarly then bravely warned other nations to
''get on the right side of history''.
This from someone who up until recently boldly claimed that Assad was a reformer. I guess Obama had led from behind long enough to realize pretending Assad was a reformer and that this whole mess would just go away if he didn't do anything wasn't going to work after all.

Better late than never for this administration to realize it Assad was hardly the reformer they claimed him to be. Now they might move their diplomatic sanctions from unkind words to at least harsh words or dare I suggest, actual sanctions rather than suggesting others who aren't going to listen to the US anyway (China, Iran)to impose them?

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