Sunday, August 28, 2011

Isn't it good, Norwegian wood?

Apparently not.

Gibson Guitars got raided by the Feds, allegedly for having wood that may not have been fully finished in India, its place of origin, thus making it maybe violating the laws of India and thereby in the convoluted laws that we have here, interpreted as a violation of US federal law.

The law is so broadly written it could easily be interpreted to make lots of the wood you have in your home illegal.

Tam with her biting wit as usual, notes the insanity of it all.

That Gibson Guitars, a donor to the Republican party was raided while Martin Guitars, a donor to the Democrats using the same wood was not raises quite a few questions.

I had a friend who grew up during the end of the Francisco Franco (Yes, he's still dead)regime in Spain and the transition to democracy there.

I distinctly remember him saying that under Franco, life wasn't bad or oppressive. As long as you stayed the hell away from politics, you could pretty much do as you pleased.

Unfortunately, given the desire of the government to regulate and control every aspect of our lives, everything is political now.

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