Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Iran's State Media Caught Faking British Riot Photos

Iran's state run media was trying to propogandize to their people depicting the riots as “the uprising of the oppressed against the British monarchy“. but in doing were quite slip-shod in their image choices.

Honest Reporting: UK Riots: Iranian Photo Fraud Exposed

Hilariously enough, they not only used old images from prior British demonstrations, but even included a riot scene from a Spanish-speaking country. After all, British police just don't say

"Pare or I'll say Pare again."

The Iranian media was, of course, trying to draw a blatantly false equivalent between the Bristish governments (inneffective) treatment of the looting rioters and the Iranian government's brutal crackdown on political protest looking for improved human rights and political freedoms in Iran.

How many leftists will nod approving at this false moral equivalence remains to be seen.

It is a good thing our media would never doctor images and video for political benefit of the ruling party. A very good thing indeed.

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