Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dive 221 Orchard Lake And The Last Dive Of My 30s

So tonight I dove Orchard Lake with Keith, Chad, Jeremy and Maki.

I hadn't dove Orchard Lake for quite awhile. It's a long swim out from the shore until it gets any deeper than 3 feet. Finally it started to get deeper and we headed down the bowl like slope.

We ran a reel so we would be able to find our route back up. We continued down until I hit 99 feet deep and then we turned the dive.

Darn good dive, and the last dive of my 30s as I hit 40 years tomorrow.


eiaftinfo said...

40 eh . . . . . Not sure I can remember that far back!! :)

Enjoy the day sir, lots of good times ahead - I promise.

Keads said...

Happy BDay! Many more returns.

Scott said...

I have no sympathy for you, my friend - I'm staring at 50 in a month.

Get ready for "man-o-pause"!

Now that I've depressed you, I'll wish you a happy 40th.

Aaron said...

Many thanks to all for the birthday wishes! It has been quite a day so far.