Monday, August 27, 2012

A Fun Day At The Range

Yesterday I took Abby and my 14 year-old Niece Eluti who is visiting from Toronto to the range for a bit of shooting.

I started them both out with the M&P 15-22 and they both had a blast shooting it and hitting paper plates at relatively close range.

The M&P is still just a touch big for Abby but she is having fun and being safe, which is all that matters at this point. She also learned how to properly load the magazine for it, which saved time as they could each load a magazine while the other was firing.

The M&P had only a couple misfeeds but otherwise was excellent and is a great, accurate, and fun practice gun to have if you shoot AR-15s.

I also had them shoot the Ruger Mark II and they enjoyed that, but Abby feels it is still too heavy for her to comfortably hold.

Indeed, they enjoyed these two guns so much that they kept shooting until all the .22LR was gone. Now I need to restock.

Meanwhile, in the pauses when they were both not shooting, I worked on shooting with my Glock 17. I spent some time knocking down steel plates on the plate rack and doing FAST drills. I let Eluti try it and she found that hitting the plates was quite a bit harder than it looked.

I was using the free SureFire shot timer for the iPhone and it generally worked pretty well, but often would not pickup every shot even after being calibrated. It will do for now until I buy a real timer. One nice feature of the SureFire app, you can email your times and shot history to yourself which is a cool way to keep track of your progress. in be

I also let Eluti try the Glock and she had fun shooting it.

We finished up and then headed home after an excellent day.


Keads said...

Sounds like a great day!

NotClauswitz said...

Looks like fun! Nice to see an outdoor range with a pergola overhead or some cover - but not a sound-reflecting cover! :-)

Aaron said...

Yes, it was a fun day indeed and the kids had a blast.

The overhead baffles are designed so that as long as you are under them, the bullet-path of your firearm will not go over the berm as you can't exceed a safe angle without putting a round in the baffles.

The slight bit of overhead shade provided is a welcome bonus.