Thursday, June 11, 2015

Making A Real Meth Of Things In Michigan

Meth is a terrible drug not just for its effects on the user but also for those who would never ever use such a drug.

This is due to both the ease of manufacture and the very hazardous waste created in its making, which can cause a real risk to innocents of injury and property damage from living near some dimwit trying to cook his own meth causing an explosion after watching a few episodes of Breaking Bad.

The Detroit News: Meth trash piling up across Michigan

In short, you can now apparently try to make your own in a pop bottle of all things - leading to idiots leaving pop bottles full of hazardous chemicals around rivers and the great outdoors, which innocents may come across while trying to enjoy the outdoors.

Apparently Michigan ranks fifth in "meth lab incidents" in the US with Indiana taking the honor of coming in first. The state also likely gets stuck with the health care costs of the idiots that set themselves on fire while enjoying misadventures in cooking.

Taking fifth place in such a list is bad enough, as are the clean-up costs from these morons.

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