Monday, January 17, 2011

Wisconsin on the road to CCW Reform, old tired arguements in opposition resurface

Reuters via Yahoo: Wisconsin expected to expand gun owner rights

Wisconsin, one of two states in the nation that prohibits citizens from carrying a concealed weapon, is expected to reverse this law during the upcoming state legislative session, according to a local newspaper.

Only Illinois and Wisconsin forbid carrying concealed weapons. A Republican was elected governor and Republicans won majorities in both houses of the Wisconsin legislature in November, bringing many more supporters of gun rights to the state government.

"You're going to see a concealed carry bill pass the Legislature, I have no doubt," Chris Danou, a Democratic legislator from Trempealeau, Wisconsin, told the LaCrosse Tribune newspaper. "The question is what kind of bill it's going to be."

Of course, the antis are in full frothing flower against it:
That's troubling to Jeri Bonavia, executive director of Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, which opposes any legislation to allow concealed carry on the grounds it will lead to increased danger for individuals and the public.

"We really don't believe that more people carrying guns in public is beneficial in any way," she told the newspaper. "In fact, we think it's harmful."

Note the operative words - "We really don't believe", "We think" - no facts, just feelings, nothing but feelings, the same nonsensical opposition to firearms carry reform that's been made by the antis invariably in every state that has passed such legislation.

Expect the antis to proclaim that Wisconsin will turn into the Wild West and there will be blood in the streets if ccw reform passes.

Amazing how these arguments are made every time yet never come true. You'd think they'd give up using the same tired emotional driven argument devoid of facts, but they never do.

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