Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Stubb's Falls 2018

Last week I was away up north to spend time with the family near Huntsville, Ontario.

Think 18 people in one cottage.

I survived.

I even survived some flaming anti-gun liberal family memebrs (Canada - what do you expect?) and amazingly held my tongue even as the Toronto shooting by the ISIS supporter whose motivation will be forever unknown was in the headlines and barbs were sent my way about it. Instead, I indicated I wasn't going to get into a political argument on vacation, and was rather proud of myself for holding back.

As usual we went to Arrowhead Provincial Park which was a decent drive from the cottage and afer paying the entrance fee and parking trekked into Stubbs Falls.

I decided to get some nice scenic shots.

Unfortunately, all around the falls the park rangers had deployed some very prominent sawhorses.

The sign at the entrance to the falls that states "Danger Not A Swimming Area" was not deemed warning enough. Now, every few feet, and just about everywhere you take a picture was a sawhorses with a notice that it was a dangerous and no swimming area.

This certainly cut down on the quality of the views.

I managed to find a spot at the end of the chute sans sawhorses and it came out nicely with a nice, slow shutter speed:

It turns out a swimmer died this June in a mishap at the falls. It appears she was swimming above the falls, but then slipped and then was caught in the rushing water and then pinned beneath a rock. Probably that's why the sudden urge to plaster all of the scenery with the sawhorses stating it is not a swimming area.

Apart from the sawhorses it was yet again a very nice hike and a good time had by all. This week I've been buried in work as a result but catching up and blogging may just get back to usual.

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