Wednesday, August 29, 2018

TOM2018: An Unexpected Airshow Opener

After the C-47 took off, the airshow began.

A Grumman TBM Avenger and a Dauntless SBD started idling on the taxiway and everyone expected they would be up first.

But wait, hold the airshow, a cargo jet needs to leave ASAP.

You don't see too many 747s around these days. No longer doing passenger service, Kalitta Air, a major freight carrier needed to get this plane going after being stuck due to the weather.

A nice takeoff and with a roar of her engines she was gone into the haze.

Ok, everyone figured the show would then start with the TBM and Dauntless taking off.

Then she came back:

Note that she's lower than a bird in that picture and coming in just above tree-top level.

A head-on view of a 747 was something to behold (Click 'em to embiggen and get the full flavor of a Jumbo Jet coming right at you.:

Completing the pass, she headed off on her way,

A very cool surprise opener to the show. Kalitta did not do that demonstration the next day, so this was something special.


drjim said...


I've been following Connie Kalitta's racing career since I was a kid.

He's quite a character!!

Aaron said...

drjim: Neat. Kalitta Air is pretty well known in aviation circles up here, and that was one heckuva nice surprise demo.

Murphy's Law said...