Thursday, August 02, 2018

Stupid Criminal Tricks - It's A Lot More Complicated Than That

Our latest stupid criminal is an 18-year-old who decided he had to go to a rap concert, which illustrates his baseline stupidity right there.

He compounded his stupidity by his choice of mode of transport: Stealing an American Eagle jet.

As might be expected, it didn't go well, he was unable to even start it, and was promptly arrested.

KWTX: Teen who doesn’t know how to fly tries to steal passenger jet

Prosecutors say an Arkansas teenager who's not a pilot has been charged with trying to steal an American Eagle passenger jet from Texarkana Regional Airport to fly to an out-of-state rap concert.

Miller County jail records show Zemarcuis Devon Scott, 18, of Texarkana was held Wednesday on commercial burglary and attempted theft of property charges.

Scott was arrested inside the cockpit before dawn on the Fourth of July.


An affidavit says Scott told Texarkana police, who responded to reports of a man seen jumping an airport fence, that he didn't think there was much more to flying than pushing buttons and pulling levers.

There's just a little bit more involved in flying a plane, especially a passenger jet, than pushing buttons and pulling levers.


ProudHillbilly said...

If it wasn't for the expense and danger to others that could have been entertaining.

B said...

Ah, c'mon, you've seen the YouTube videos....anyone can do it...