Thursday, August 09, 2018

Over Halfway to 90

Today is my birthday and the rugrats helpfully pointed out that at 46, I'm past the half-way point to 90.

They are so helpful that way.

The birthday began with the traditional cheesecake for breakfast.

Somewhat non-traditional form the standard cherry, but they ahd just gone peach picking and it was combination time. It still tasted great. Heretical mind you, but great.

Then birthday cards:

This card sadly didn't contain money, but did have nice sentiment from Abby and good flying advice from Leah:

Remind me not to fly near the Andes, especially after she has watched a documentary on Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. Kids these days.

Then it was off to two different courts for some arguments on behalf of my clients and its been a busy day.

I figure I'll wrap up and head home, plans for a nice dinner celebration is apparently in the works.