Sunday, August 26, 2018

Thunder Over Michigan Static Displays

I arrived at the entry gate at 06:30 as part of the photo pit tour. (yes the 0 stands for oh my gosh its early).

The benefit to being there so early is that it was before the grounds were open to the general public so there were only about 200 photographers prowling the static displays and none of them were in day-glo neon mu-mus and carrying a parasol. This allowed for some nice static shots of the airplanes.

It was already overcast when we rolled in and the light would be a challenge all day. Rain and a thunderstom along with low clouds was in the forecast, and a squall line could be seen approaching the field.

We checked in and were escorted through the hot ramp zone and over to the static area and I got down to admiring the aircraft and taking pictures.

First upon entry a nice shot of a Thunderbirds aircraft parked by the Yankee Air Museum's B-52.

Then on to the ramp we went.

Juvat would likely approve the display lineup, as there were a pair of F-15 Eagles on display.

Both from the 159th Fighter Wing, the "Louisiana Bayou Militia".

There was also a few T-28 Trojans on display which would appeal to another blogger who has experience flying them.

Murphy's favorite "affordable" warbird was on display, two of them

The 02A Skymaster, otherwise known as the Cessna 337. Both had their original gun-sights and accoutrements, but one had a nice avionics upgrade with a Garmin 430 that blended pretty nicely into the panel.

Thunder Over Michigan didn't want to leave out Old NFO - they had a P3 Orion on display as well.

More static displays to come.


drjim said...

Great pix!

Aaron said...

drjim: Thanks! Wait untill you get a glimpse at the action shots.

Murphy's Law said...

Need me an O-2A still.