Monday, August 13, 2018

Whistling Death - The F4U Corsair

N179PT is a 1948 manufacture Chance Vought F4U-5 that was one of the featured draws to the OCIA Airshow.

With an 11:1 kill ratio, she whistled death onto the Japanese in the Pacific, and unto the North Koreans and Chinese in the Korean War.

With power to spare it took off with plenty of runway remaining.

The he took the pane through its paces.

The frontal view is very distinctive,

The Corsair is both highly maneuverable and fast.

A Corsair coming around to your six was the last thing many an opponent ever saw.

After quite a number of low passes, he landed smoothly.

The folded up the wings and taxi'd off the runway.


Flugelman said...

My late step-dad flew the F-4U during the Korean war and stepped out of one over Atsugi, Japan due to a burning center-line fuel tank. I still have the D-ring from that jump. He once told me the F-4U was his least favorite aircraft in the Navy's inventory.

drjim said...

They were very hard to see out of to land.

Aaron said...

Flugelman: Wow, that's quite a tale. It was apparently not an easy aircraft to fly.

drjim: That's for sure, the US Navy didn't use them as a carrier aircraft until after World War 2, but they certainly performed in an air-to-air and air-to-ground role.

jon spencer said...

It took awhile, but the USN and the Royal Navy both used F4-U's during WW-2.

Aaron said...

jon spencer: I knew the RN had pioneered using the Corsair on carriers in WW2. Hadn't known when the USN started operating them off carriers but knew they had done so before Korea.