Tuesday, August 28, 2018

TOM2018: C-47D Hairless Joe

The weather started to lift and the planes giving rides began to take off.

Hairless Joe, the recently renamed Yankee Air Museum C-47 Transport which would fly throughout the day giving rides was also available to be seen up close.

Hairless Joe is named after the aircraft flown by Jimmy Doolitle's copilot on the Doolitle Raid when he served after the raid in the 1st Air Commando Group.

Get a load of the rudder during the preflight:

It's not attached at the top except via a control cable. They tightened it up as they did the preflight.

Imagine loading up via this door before a jump over enemy territory:

She then taxi'd to the runway:

She flew beautifully:

A classic warbird, the new historic livery certainly does it justice.

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