Monday, July 23, 2018

Toronto's Un-Possible Mass Shooting Likely A Terrorist Attack

One would think the idea of a mass shooting in Toronto is simply un-possible given the very strict gun control laws.

But, as most thinking people know, criminals aren't exactly known for obeying the law. On July 22, in the evening a man dressed in black opened fire on crowds and restaurants on the Danforth.

The Toronto Star: Danforth shooter identified as Faisal Hussain, 29, of Toronto, SIU says

The Danforth is a very nice strip of restaurants and cafes that is very pleasant to walk down and visit and probably has the best Greek food outside of, and potentially including Greece itself.

The shooter's name has now finally been released as Faisal Hussain, which is an improvement over the prior unidentified fair skinned 29-year old from Toronto. No Motive is yet being released, and considering he was randomly shooting at a whole bunch of people, killing 2 (an 18 year old female and a 10-year-old girl) and injuring 13, it is likely that Allahu Akbar, Arabic for "The motive will never be known" is the most probable cause. Considering the slow-walking of the identity of the shooter, it's rather probable. Expect details to continue to be slowly disclosed on this one.

On top of that, an attempt was made to stab a Canadian Forces soldier during the changing of the guard ceremony in Ottawa, but little detail has been released in that, while the suspect was captured but is still not being identified - Security forces stop man with knife on Parliament Hill.

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