Monday, July 16, 2018

Stupid Criminals: He Believed He Could Fly. He Was Wrong.

Stupid is supposed to hurt, and for this stupid criminal it sure did.

The Detroit Free Press: Ferndale police chase ends in 15-foot fall for home invasion suspect

Let's see how this went wrong: First a home invasion against someone who has a PPO out for the criminal. Next he decides to run from the police, which while the police appreciate the exercise never ends well. Then he decides to climb over a guardrail of an overpass and engage in a struggle with police and a taser is involved.

As you might expect this led to a fast drop with a rather sudden stop.

Quick tips from this episode of stupid criminals:
1. Don't violate your PPO or even better, don't do the stupid things to get one in the first place;
2. Don't run from the police;
3. Don't resist arrest after you've failed to adequately run from the police; and
4. Don't try to resist arrest with a cunning plan that involves you falling 15 feet onto concrete to escape, just saying.

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