Tuesday, July 24, 2018

RIP Martin J. Tibbitts, Founder of World Heritage Air Museum

Mr. Tibbitts died at Sheboygan Wisconsin's airport on the way to Oshkosh in a crash on takeoff of the World Heritage Air Museum's de Haviland Venom.

The cfrash also injured two farm workers on the ground and killed 40-50 cattle when it crashed into a building shortly after takeoff.

One of the founders of the World Heritage Air Museum, based at Pontiac Airport, Mr. Tibbits had helped the museum amass quite the collection of flying jet aircraft from the earlier days of jet flight, with the newest acquisition - A Gloster Meteor jet.

I recall meeting him a few years ago during one of Oakland County airport's open houses, and admiring the WHAM's planes on display. A very nice gentleman, he was very open and enthusiastic about aviation and a great source of conversation about the museum and its jets.

Aviation is a lot poorer for his loss.

The Detroit Free Press: Vintage military jet crash kills Grosse Pointe Park pilot and businessman

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drjim said...

Very sad, indeed.

My condolences to the family.