Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Opportunity Lost: Chance For Huge Michigan Crawfish Boil Goes Up In Smoke

The Michigan DNR in Port Huron made the largest seizure of an invasive species - 2,000 pounds of live red swamp crawfish, found in a truck, which are illegal to bring into Michigan.

So what do you do with a ton of illegal crawfish? One would think a crawfish boil would be in order to celebrate such a seizure.

But no. Lacking such imagination, the DNR decided to have all those lovely crawfish go up in smoke.

The Detroit News: DNR seizes, incinerates ton of illegal crawfish

Such a terrible waste.

Now I want to go back down to visit Murphy's Law and attend a crawfish boil in N'awlins.

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Glenn B said...

A sad waste of some delicious vittles.