Saturday, August 11, 2018

Flying - Leah's First $100 Burger

This morning the forecast improved dramatically, so much so that it was time to take Leah for her first $100 burger.

Winds promised to be light, clouds higher than the MVFR forecast last night and all was set to go.

We headed out tot he airport and I showed her my new (to me) plane.

I called for fuel form the FBO and did the preflight. Doing so I saw that one of the tires was a bit low, and checking the pressure showed that it was indeed low, so I used the club's air compressor to add air. I then added too much as its a ridiculously powerful compressor unit, and had to drain it back to spec. With that done, I added a quart of oil and everything else was ready to go.

After the fuel truck came and filled the tanks I got us started and ready to go.

We flew to KJXN, the same sport I had gone last weekend with Peter as its a ncie easy flight and great for her frst ever cross-country and landing at a different airport.

For my birthday, I had requested as a present a headset so my passenger could ride in comfort. I got her a Kore Aviation P1 as the rental Dave Clarks were giving her a headache when I was flying with her using the DCT aircraft.

This time the headset was pronounced to be very comfy. Audio quality was excellent and for the price you can't beat it. I expect to get more as mthe rest of the family finally sees the light and joins us in the plane.

We flew to Jackson with no problems, getting as high as 4,500. There was a little haze but it wasn't a problem.

We passed by, but not over, the prison.

Jackson tower had us do a straight in approach for runway 25 and then we headed to the tarmac, which was quite crowded.

Lots of T-34 Mentors. The Hooligans were in Jackson for lunch.

We headed in and they were at a table all in matching shirts having lunch. We ordered the $100 Burgers and proceeded to have a fine lunch.

A nice bunch, they're going to be performing at a local airshow, of which more will be blogged later.

Then we headed back to Pontiac.

A very smooth flight back, we did it in 12 minutes less than the ride out.

Tower had us enter the downwind for 27L and as they did last week, then they had us extend the downwind for traffic and then had us cut a long base to 27R and I made just a superlative landing. I mean it was just perfect, Leah complimented me on it highly, especially as she thought initially from the approach angle that I would land in the grass in front of the runway. Instead it was a perfect landing - right on the numbers going from flying to rolling sublime kind of landing.

Then we headed back to the hanger, wiped the plane down and got all the bugs off and put it away.

Another perfect flight, and a great experience for her first trip.

1.5, 2 landings, and some great burgers.


drjim said...


I'm sure she loved every nanosecond of it.

Yeah, the David Clark headsets can be about as comfortable as a C-Clamp at times. I had to bend the pair I was issued at Boeing so I could wear them for more than 20 minutes.

The Kore Aviation headsets look interesting. I'll have to look into them and see how easy they'd be to adapt to Amateur Radio.

And the burgers always taste better at a 'foreign' FBO!

Aaron said...

drjim: Thanks! She really did enjoy it and loved the idea of going flying somewhere to have lunch. The Kore is much more comfortable with both a better cushion on top and far less clamping pressure. She reported no headache afterwards, unlike both of her previous and shorter flights wearing the Clarks.

For the price the Kore is awesome and I figure I'll be buying some more of them.

Flugelman said...

Dayum, that's a big burger for a small girl. Hope you helped her with it. I've got a bunch of T-34 time with the Navy flying clubs. Usta rent the one at Millington for $10 per hour. Tells ya how long ago that was. A great airplane and surprisingly easy to fly.