Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why The Surprise? After All, You Knew What She Was When You Hired Her

When you hire a felon with a history of interesting expense reports at her former job, it's really hard to be shocked when you allegedly get interesting expense reports her.

Monica Conyers (D), wife of Representative John Conyers (D) was recently either fired or quit from her spot at 910 AM Radio station allegedly because, as stated in the Detroit Free Press the

Radio station says Monica Conyers was fired over a $750 hotel booking.

Basically it's the Detroit way of political graft and perks in action from a former Detroit politico with a history of graft and perks. That the radio station should be surprised is the highlight of the whole sorry tale.

Conyers of course claims she wasn't fired but quit, but she does have a history of the standard denial tactic followed by later admission.

My bet is this story will fizzle out shortly before Representative Conyers gets drawn in too far due to Monica allegedly using his federal congressional credentials without him.


Anonymous said...

Stating the obvious - Conyers, Killpatrick, Young. Ugh. All corrupt. Went to law school with Kilpatrick.

Aaron said...

Interesting, a friend of mine went to law school with him as well. The corruption in Detorit runs deep, I fear they've only scratched the surface even after the good job McQuade and the feds did.

Anonymous said...

I've been far removed from good old Detroit, but I thought McQuade did a good job.
DCL let me in in '97. I was a 1L, Killpatrick, a 3. So I thought. I was in Lansing.