Thursday, March 02, 2017

Remember When The Dems Said They Wanted Only Criminal Aliens Deported? Well....They Just Moved The Goalposts A Tad

Now its apparently just the serious criminals they want to deport.

Retail fraud and the a felony conviction theft and misuse of credit cards apparently count for nought.

The Detroit Free Press: Judge spares Ann Arbor father of 4 from deportation: 'You get to stay'

In issuing his decision, Immigration Judge David Paruch said that Jordanian immigrant Yousef Ajin has stayed clean for years since committing two crimes that involved stealing 14 years ago and that he has always had a job caring for his family since coming to this country 18 years ago.

He stressed to Ajin that he is lucky to avoid deportation, noting: "This kind of waiver — we don't give out regularly." But he qualified because his crimes were committed "some time ago" and his family needs him, he said.

U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement spokesman Khaalid Walls said Ajin was taken into custody because of a 2001 felony conviction that involved shopping with a credit card that wasn't his. Following his conviction, an order to have him deported was issued in 2012 by an immigration judge. ICE had determined that Ajin was "noncompliant" with the requirement of his release, which led to his eventual arrest Jan. 30.

According to courtroom testimony, here is why Ajin faced a threat of deportation, and what has kept him on the radar of immigration authorities:

In 2001, while cleaning rooms at a University of Michigan hospital, Ajin found a wallet in a couch cushion of an empty room and used the credit card he found inside to go on a shopping trip to Meijer. He and another hospital employee used the credit card to buy $500 worth of cigarettes, cologne and beer. He was arrested nine days later with the help of surveillance cameras that caught him making the purchases. He pleaded guilty to possessing a financial transaction device. He received one year of probation and had to pay $1,475 in restitution.

Two years later, in 2003, Ajin landed back in court, this time for stealing a telephone and remote control from a Meijer in Chelsea. He pleaded guilty to retail fraud, received six months of probation and had to pay a $425 fine.

What's a couple felonies and a deportation order mean these days anyways?

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