Thursday, March 09, 2017

So What Was Your First Clue There Exactly?

I went by the office today hoping it had power.

Of course not.

I actually helped the postwoman with the mail as all the mail boxes are in what is now a very dark stairwell and I held a flashlight for her so she could make sure the mail got in the right slots. Quick tip to the US Postal Service - issue flashlights.

How she would have delivered it without being able to see otherwise is quite a question.

So my good deed done for the day and with no power, no heat, and not much else that I could accomplish there I headed out.

On the way I passed a fellow continually hitting the up button on the elevator. Yes, we're on the ground floor of a three story building.

He actually asked "Is the power out?"

Gee what was your first clue there Sherlock? Maybe the complete lack of lights and all the signs on the doors saying Closed, No Power? I then stated that yes, indeed the power was out.

Then he asked, and I kid you not,"The elevator doesn't work then?" No, it really doesn't work too well without power there Mr. Edison, and your continual hitting of the button and noting it doesn't light up isn't doing much either.

These people vote, and sure enough, as his village was calling that they wanted him back, he headed out to a car with a Hillary sticker on it and drove off, I kid you not.

You really have to wonder some times.


Excelling in Mediocrity said...

A few years ago a huge storm went through and most of the area was without power for close to a week. Comcast actually put a sign on the side of their building stating that if the power was out, the internet was too.

juvat said...

Regarding the button pusher. I believe I might have said "Yes, the elevator works on compressed air. That compressed air is built up by pushing the compressor button as you are doing. It may take while to build up pressure though."

But...That's just me.....being charitable.