Monday, March 13, 2017

"Enjoy" Is Not The Word You're Looking For....

Not to impune a headline author's reputation nor suggest use of illegal substances, nor mental illness -- but -- for a newspaper writer to suggest on the Monday after a massive wind storm with power outages, and the start of DST to boot that we will "enjoy" and find a snowstorm "lovely" suggests a writer who needs a psych eval, stat.

The Detroit Free Press: Lovely! Detroit set to enjoy 3-5 inches of snow today

Seriously, there is no enjoyment in clearing a driveway in the dark while the snow still falls, and then sliding down a driveway. There is no enjoyment in slowly rolling through traffic composed of idiots that can't drive when snow falls to get to an office at 8 while in your head it is still 7 am. None as in not any, zip, nada, zero.

The only white stuff the headline writer should enjoy seeing is some white coats coming to take him/her away.

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michigan doug said...

It was great! 3 days with no power and 8 days without internet or cable.
But the snow was AWESOME.