Thursday, March 09, 2017

Flying Lesson #107 - More Patterns Make Perfect (Or At least Tolerable)

As there was little else to do and the library was packed and as the winds had dies down the sky beckoned.

Winds were a manageable 9-10 knots out of 260 so practically no crosswind at all.

I did the pre-flight etc and headed to Runway 27R.

Apparently there was a new controler being trained as he was getting a tad overwhelmed. it didn't help that I was flying 6288J and there was a Warrior in the pattern with the tail number N113EJ.

Echo Juliet and 88 Juliet sound almost the same on the radio and it got to be even more fun when he mixed us up - especially when I'm on crosswind and he gives a landing clearance with my call sign meaning to give it to 11EJ who is on base turning final. He also messed up the spacing on occasion, leading to my doing two go-rounds as an aircraft was still on the runway when I was on short final. Not a big deal and good practice for everyone.

The landings are coming along and getting better. I was coming in a little high and fast and got some serious cases of the Archer floats. Must not try and fly it like a Cessna 172. After I got that worked out of my system the next 6 landings were much better, including touching down right at the stall horn going off. The last landing was perfect and Ray was very happy with it. He didn't touch the controls at all this hop except on the first go round when he wanted me to do a side-step right of the runway and not just fly along above it after I had put in full power on the go round.

Overall I'm feeling better with it, and the next lesson we should be doing some soft and short field landings. Given how he's getting me unscrewed from my prior instructor Ray, it looks like its working. I believe had I started with DCT I'd be well on my way by now - there seems to be a lot more stringency and quality control here. Making some good progress.

I do need to eat more bananas though.

8 More landings and another 1.6

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