Friday, March 03, 2017

The FBI Arrests One Of The Perpetrators of Wave Of Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats.......And He's A Hard Leftist

Much to the chagrin of the leftists online and elsewhere claiming that the wave aof bomb threats are somehow Trump's fault or the actions of white supremacists, we have the first arrest so far.

Here's what he looks like:

Doesn't look like your typical white supremacist, neh?

Turns out he's quite the hard leftist as can be seen under his byline at The Intercept, where he was apparently fired after making stuff up...badly...and getting caught doing it.

In other words he fits the profile of the bug-bear white supremacist Trumpster perfectly...or not.

Apparently many of the robo/VOIP calls making the threats are reported in the article to come from overseas, again not something for which one should blame Trump. This is especially so if the callers have either charming Arabic or Persian accents, or more traditionally a Germanic one.

Good job to the FBI for tracking this guy down.

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