Monday, October 26, 2015

UNESCO's Credibility Drops Even Farther

The UN and its sub-organizations generally have an anti-US and anti-Israel bias that can be shockingly apparent at times.

For example, UNESCO in an act of impressive historical revisionism, just passed a resolution claiming that Rachel's Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs are Muslim holy sites, not Jewish.

At the last minute they at least redacted from the resolution a statement that the Western Wall of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was not a Jewish Holy Site but was solely a Muslim holy site. How nice of them.

They did however in the resolution call on Israel to respect “respect the pre-1967 status quo”. Note the word pre. Pre-1967, the old city of Jerusalem was in Jordanian hands and Jews were forbidden to enter, and they were also forbidden from visiting Rachel's Tomb, the Tomb of The patriarchs and Josephs Tomb. Nice.

At least they didn't go full turnip and claim that Joseph's Tomb the same holy site that Muslims just firebombed was solely a Muslim holy site.

If anyone wonders why Israel and America tend to distrust the UN as an institution, well, this contemptible resolution is yet another sign for you.