Thursday, October 29, 2015

And We Should Care Why, Exactly?

In an attempt to tie on a self-aggrandizing announcement from an already retired professor in Texas to the current bout of legislation that to remove the concealed-pistol-free zones in Michigan, The Detroit Free Press happily notes he had worked at MSU at some point.

The Detroit Free Press: Ex-MSU professor: Guns have no place in education

A former Michigan State University professor says he’ll no longer teach at the University of Texas because of a new law allowing concealed firearms on campus.

Daniel Hamermesh taught at MSU from 1973 until 1993 and said he believes guns have no place in an educational setting. He adds that arming students does little to help faculty and others feel safe. In fact, he argues it does the opposite.......A bill calling for similar allowances in Michigan is currently before state legislators.

Senate Bill 442 would allow concealed pistols in gun-free zones, including in classrooms and dormitories. It would replace the existing statue allowing open-carry in these environments and would bar the practice in gun-free zones. The bill was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee 4-1 earlier this month.

Frankly an opinion from a professor who has already retired announcing he's goign to stop teaching all of a year early because of a decision he doesn't like on a purely emotional basis in a state far, far, away doesn't really weigh much on the question here, or even in Texas for that matter.

This is unfortunately the standard anti-gun claim stated yet again that somehow allowing law-abiding citizens to carry guns places will result in "blood in the streets", or on the blackboards, what have you.

Quick news flash for the prof et al.: Not allowing law-abiding citizens to carry guns in classrooms has so far had no deterrence whatsoever preventing criminals and those bent on mayhem from doing so, with well-known horrific consequences that results when packed classrooms full of the unarmed meets someone intending on murder, or in countless simple robberies and assaults as the unarmed get robbed around campus after leaving the gun free zones.

Since mandating that people in schools must be wholly unarmed and helpless hasn't worked so far, how about trying something different and more effective?

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Old NFO said...

How about concealed is concealed and just going about our business... :-) Not that 'anyone' has done that... Nope, not at all...