Friday, October 30, 2015

Jett And Lilly Having A Ball

On our morning walk we encountered Lilly, the local German Shepherd and her owner taking her for a walk.

The dogs get along famously and we took them off leash on Lilly's lawn to play. Both mind well and stay off the road, so it's fun for them to race around and burn up some energy. Jett has the speed advantage, but Lilly is built like a Mack truck and will keep on coming as long as she doesn't get bored.

After playing a bit of chase they found a ball and then it was game on. With Jett the Airedoodle performing his high-energy maneuvers, he quickly left Lilly far behind.

Jett won the first chase quite handily.

Victory! The ball is mine.

Lilly then caught up and wanted the ball.
Excuse me sir, I'd like to talk to you about a ball.

What ball? Oh, this ball?

Yes, that one right there if you don't mind, it's mine.
Jett did mind and the chase was back on.

Can't catch me in after-burner mode.

Ok, I'll wait here for you to catch up, I want you to feel like you're doing well.
Chase 2 ended with no hard feelings.

Same time tomorrow, Ralph? Sure thing Sam!
Not a bad way to start a morning.

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