Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hmm, No Calls For Brick Control Yet

Chalk up another defensive gun use. This one in a church, by a pastor no less.

Detroit Free Press: Police: Pastor shoots, kills attacker in church

Note that while churches are gun free zones in Michigan, you can carry in them if you have the express permission of the personages running the institution. Presumably the pastor did have such permission. In this case, as is typical with law-abiding gun owners, the gun in church saved lives.

So next time someone asks why you may need a gun in a house of worship - and by example, noted ant-gun Freep Columnist Rochelle Riley states that churches are anathema for the presence of guns, in her typically sardonic column that has more emotion and cant than logic in it as usual, one might reply to her and others that carrying in such a place makes sense as some people won't respect it as a place of prayer but instead will view it as an unarmed zone for mayhem.

After all, would Rochelle have preferred the pastor with his head bashed in with a brick so he could have died all saintly and unarmed, rather than armed and alive as he is now?

Certainly this latest defensive gun use is timely as we in Michigan debate ending (sort of) the gun free criminal empowerment zones we now have.

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