Saturday, October 10, 2015

Flying Lesson #16 - Lots More Landings

Today was a beautiful day to play in the pattern.

Sky clear, winds calm and lots of traffic. So much so they were actually running two separate tower frequencies, one for each runway in service.

Pre-flight done, oil added, taxi clearance granted, and then after a run-up, over to Tower at 123.7 rather than 120.5 to get permission to takeoff from 25R.

I was flying with Sean today and I did just about as well as my last lesson. My patterns were pretty darn good, only a few were a bit off but all were retrievable with no major jerking around of the airplane. As usual, I was typically high on final but got things in ok and it makes instructors happier than coming in low.

I did have a first where the tower asked me to extend the upwind leg for a half mile, which I did and it made for quite a different feel to the pattern, with a downwind that felt like forever, but it give me time to configure the plane perfectly before the base turn and both base and final were right on.

I was feeling pretty good about the patterns and landings today.

The landings were good, but Sean does want me to hold the plane more in ground effect and keep it off for longer than I am currently, with more flare at the end to slow the plane down a touch more and ensure it's in the proper attitude, so I'll keep working at it.

He figures I'm pretty close but need to get just a little bit better at landings.

He stated the next lesson will be more instrument work followed by some patterns.

That's 12 more landings and 1.3 more hours.

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