Wednesday, October 07, 2015

FAA Written Is Now Complete

This morning I took the FAA Private Pilot Written Test.

I passed it nicely with an 83% (Passing score is 70%).

A little disappointed as I was regularly nailing the mid to high 90s on practice tests, but I'll take it.

I will note that some of the questions asked were just plain weird with some phraseology I've never seen before. In one question in particular none of the answers given was the requested definition which was a real head-scratcher. I also loved the question about visual minimums for aerobatics, because a student private pilot will surely be doing those, right?

Sure enough, I did double guess myself on one question and I'm pretty sure I initially got it right and then wrong (difference was all of 100 feet (answers were 1,450, 1,550 and 1,900 and I decided to be conservative with 1,550 and looking back I should have gone with 1,450 - the graph was so frickin' small it was hard to differentiate and in real life you'd play it safer anyways, right?).

I'm quite glad it's done and out of the way. Now for continuing with the flying part.


juvat said...

Congratulations, that hurdle was crossed. And since hurdlers like to cross with minimum clearance, sounds like you had 13 points of overkill.

And....On to the next hurdle.

Aaron said...

Thanks! Allegedly, the better you do on the written the less evil the examiner is at the oral exam before the check-ride. If you squeak by in the 70s you apparently get thoroughly hammered so it's good to clear it by a wide margin.

On to more of the flying part.