Friday, October 16, 2015

It Gives A Whole New Meaning To The Instruction "Front Sight....Press"

While the mainstream media have always tended to have a very anti-Israel bias, it's not often that they fully cross the line form propagandizing and covering for terrorists into open participation in terrorist acts.

The Detroit News: Palestinian in ‘press’ vest shot dead

Note even the biased headline in the Detroit News that suggests the Israelis shot a member of the press for no reason. You have to read the story to learn he was shot while attempting to stab a soldier:

Hebron, West Bank — A Palestinian man wearing a T-shirt with the word “press” in large letters stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier Friday before being shot dead by troops, the latest in a monthlong spate of attacks.

The stabbing occurred on the sidelines of clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinian stone-throwers after Friday prayers in the West Bank city of Hebron. The attacker blended in with journalists standing a few feet from a group of soldiers who were firing tear gas at the stone-throwers at the time.

Further reading of the article revel the Palestinians care as little for others' religious sites as they do for their own (they were recently caught stockpiling pipe bombs in the Dome of The Rock) along with the perfidy of launching attacks under the cover of being members of the media:

In Nablus, another West Bank city, Palestinians firebombed a site revered by some Jews as the tomb of the biblical figure Joseph, an attack condemned as “irresponsible” by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Flames blackened exterior walls of the small stone structure, a scene of Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the past.

But worry not, the US State Department will be quick to declare some moral equivalence and ask the Israelis to practice restraint in the face of these attacks shortly.

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JoeMama said...

Regarding the Main Stream Media: Somebody at the CDC either has a puckish sense of humor or is a closet conservative. The new, official, PC acronym for male gay-bi-no identity but has sex with men is MSM (Men Sex Men).

Maybe it was one of those subliminal, Freudian things. Regardless, I thought it humorous.