Friday, October 09, 2015

Seriously, Microsoft?

Windows 10 still has some problems that makes one wonder if this free roll-out is just a really big beta test.

For example, this fun little error:

Yes, the start menu, that which differentiates Windows 10 from the absolute dreck that was Windows 8, that which makes it nice and usable as an operating system has a critical error and is unusable.

You can't make this error message go away either - you can either hit the restart prompt, but if after restart you click the start menu again, then nine times out of ten you get the critical error message again. It does occasionally fix itself only to have the critical error later. There are workarounds where you can still get to your applications by right-clicking but that's ridiculous. It's also very hard for 9-yeay-olds to use without assistance when there is no start menu. Thanks for that Microsoft.

If you don't hit restart, you can at least move the box out of the middle of the screen but you can't minimize it or make it go away without restarting the machine.

In addition, the Toshiba laptop still will not take Windows 10 even after refreshing the 8.1 that is native to it - it hangs the install right after it downloads - Every. Damn. Time.

Sheesh. Clearly there are still quite a few significant bugs and Windows 10 is far and away from being a perfect "10".

Even the dog is not happy with Microsoft 10:

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