Monday, April 15, 2013

Obama's Full Court Press For Gun Bans Reaches The White House Website

Go to and you'll get the following screen:

Clicking the link brings you into the site proper, which has now been heavily politicized to push Obama's gun ban agenda:

Pretty pathetic, but sadly par for this president how he can't avoid politicizing even the White House webpage in his drive to distract from the economy and push for gun bans.

I wonder if this violates any campaign laws at all? Were he seated in the house it would violate the House's ethics rules, but Obama likely considers himself above any rules, or that rules are more sort of guidelines.

Regardless, its pretty darn disgusting to be using the White House site for divisive political campaign purposes and to spread lies about gun control and use the site to lobby Congress to push his leftist agenda.

Maybe Obama should take some tips and cues in interpersonal and campaign relations from another federal government website.

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