Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Fiscal Times Goes Fiscally Hoplophobe

And you really should never go fiscally hoplophobe.

In 10 Weapons You Won't Believe Are Legal, the staff of the Fiscal Times wets their collective panties about the fact that the following among other items are legal: flamethrowers, miniguns (at least the pre-1986 ones that cost about $400,000.

Then they really lose their collective cookies and are amazed that katanas, crossbows, nunchuks and spear guns of all things are legal, 'cause there's been a rise of spear gun murders lately - oh wait, no, no there hasn't......

Quelle Horreur.

While the clip shots of various weapons in assorted movies and TV scenes are cute and all that, most of my friends would react, instead of with the Fiscal Times hoped-for fear and trembling, would be something like this: "Yeah they're legal, we know this, so what?"

Not a big deal, and not a serious problem.

I suggest the Fiscal Times gets their nose out of the stock tickers and into the real world a tad bit more, or just stick to what they actually know.

The whole shrinking violet thing really should be below sophisticated investors and commentators such as they hold themselves out to be.

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