Monday, April 22, 2013

Freep Cartoonist Mike Thompson Beclowns Himself Yet Again

Matt Thompson's Cartoon has quite the misleading caption: The Boston Terror Tragedy.

Instead of it being on the attack, and perhaps an introspective memorial or something factual, it was an insipid, unjustified, and scurrilous attack on Fox News.

The cartoon has a caricature of a Fox Newsroom with one anchor saying "Terrorism, Russkies and Radical Islam in the same story" and another anchor replies "It just doesn't get any better than this".

Way to keep it classy there Thompson.

However, it wasn't Fox News that, prior to the identification of the bombers as Islamist Chechens immigrants to the US, that filled the airwaves with speculation that the bombers might be white tea-party types.

No, that was media like Sirota types like Michael Moore and a Television station on Matt Thompson's left side of the fence - MSNBC.

Notice how he doesn't do a cartoon about how the Left lost it racing to blame the right for the bombing, and how when the perpetrators are on of the left's preferred minority groups he obfuscates the attack and the beclowning of the leftist establishment media's biased inaccuracies by making up a supposed response to the attack by Fox News.

Mike Thompson sure has been on a roll to win the Idiotarian Cartoonist Of The Year Award.

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