Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Detroit Free Press Editorial Excellence Or This Headline Brought To You By The Letters T And B.

The Headline in Question: President Obama unveils $3.77B budget plan

That's some layers of editorial fact-checking ladies and gents. Apparently the Detroit Free Press editors know as much about numerical abbreviations as they do about firearms laws.

Look, he's not proposing a $3.77B(illion) budget plan,which would be a rather astonishing reduction in the size of government spending, he's proposing a $3.77T(rillion) dollar plan. There's one hack of a significant difference. Don't believe me? It even says so in the very first line of the article.

President Barack Obama unveils a $3.8-trillion budget proposal today that includes a plan to raise more in tax revenue from wealthier Americans even though Republicans in Congress have already rejected the idea.

But as the Detroit Free Press Editor might say, "Math is hard".

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