Friday, April 12, 2013

Corrupt Detroit Water Department To Finally Face Some Competition

After being used as a featherbedding and slush fund location for corrupt deals by Detroit's Democrats, the Detroit Water and Sewer Department may be facing some competition.

With the suburbs and other municipalities fed up with increased rates due to the costs from Detroit's corrupt contracts and resultant deferred real maintenance at the DWSD and with the suburbs getting hit with highly-inflated annual increases to allow Detroit politcos to pay off their contributors with the suburb's money, change may just happen.

The Detroit News: Genesee Co. plan to draw own water stirs Detroit fears

The fears being of course that the good old days of political patronage and corruption using other people's money may be coming to an end.

Detroit — The city's water department spokesman declares it "the greatest water war in Michigan's history."

The cash-strapped city of Flint calls it a chance to save its residents millions.

A plan by Flint and other Genesee County communities to break away from Detroit's water system and draw their own water through a new pipeline from Lake Huron is generating controversy.

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department officials warned that residents throughout the region will be saddled with higher rates if Flint succeeds with the project.

Of course, it will be harder to hide the costs and increases due to corruption when you have a smaller base to spread the increase around.

Flint represents 6 percent of Detroit's total water revenue, said Bill Johnson, Detroit water department spokesman. The department stands to lose about $22 million immediately if Flint separates, and the "fixed cost component" of that will have to be spread across the remaining 3 million water department customers, he said.

The plan involves Flint joining Genesee and neighboring counties in the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline.

Maybe DWSD should have thought of that potential before turning the DWSD into a sewer of corruption with the no-bid friends of Kwame contracts and union featherbedding for horse-shoer positions. It was a rather sweet deal - reward your friends with inflated contracts with the costs borne by the suburbs and they would funnel campaign contributions your way and union support in the form of contributions and votes for cushy positions and twice the number of union employee positions per gallon delivered as Chicago.

Thankfully that may be coming to an end.

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